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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Everybody loves RAYMOND....L. Young

Raymond L. Young faculty, staff, and supporters have worked hard this summer to spruce up our buildings and grounds in preparation for a new school year. Teachers have been busy throughout the summer attending workshops/training, working in their classrooms, and preparing for a brand new class.

Mr. Jemison and guest workers quickly got carpets cleaned, floors waxed, the main building hardwood floors shiny, and clutter cleaned out. Teachers now have an improved workroom complete with helpful machines like the large laminator purchased by the PTO. Last year Mrs. Hope B. Allen began the process of creating a userfriendly workroom and we appreciate her getting the ball rolling.

Supporters have played an important part as well. Luke Thomas (my son) assembled the new outside benches and Mr. Guy Knight secured them to the ground. Mrs. Grogan helped touch up paint in the main hall, Mrs. Hodnett's granddaughters (Alayna and Kaleigh Pody) assisted with various tasks, and Mrs. Diane Gay delivered 50+ irises for planting. Another friend of R L Young, Mrs. Jana Hadley is working on a wonderful display for the revised AR program. Exciting things are happening!

Talladega City Schools Maintenance Department is to be commended for their tireless efforts to get the school ready. Mr. Ken Shirley and his crew got the trailors moved across the street to create adequate parking. Old textbooks were carried off and the parking lot was cleaned of debris. Mrs. Baker (CNP Director) ordered a new lunchroom serving line which the children will love. The district picked up the tab for a new lunchroom floor.

PTO showed their support by purchasing 4 additional benches and helped feed our guest workers this summer. Several officers met this summer to plan PTO meeting dates and events.

Other school needs at this point would include additional flowering plants for the front beds, someone willing to pull weeds from the front, planters to grace the outside doors of the old and new annex, and an electric blower to quickly clean our many walks. The 4 additional benches have not been assembled and we would love a handyman or woman to take care of this task (only 4 screws for each bench). Since our school is open to the street on all sides it is important to have everything looking good!

If you have suggestions or concerns about the school grounds, please email me (, call the school, or post a comment.
If I left anyone out...just know you are appreciated!

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything you are doing to make R. L. Young a great place for our kids. We are looking forward to this year.