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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A 5th Grade Study of Native American Tribes

In 5th grade we have been studying different Native American tribes in Social Studies. We learned that long ago people had to make everything because there were no stores. The things they made would depend upon what they found around them.
The people of the Northwest built their homes out of cedar or spruce trees. They made their clothing out of shredded cedar bark. Their main food resource was salmon. They made traps to catch the salmon, and sometimes they speared the salmon.

The People of The Plains lived in teepees. They made their teepees out of animal hide. The women made the teepees while the men hunted buffalo. They used the buffalo for everything. They skinned them and made clothes, baskets, and made houses to of buffalo hide. They also used the muscles of the buffalo to make strings for their bows and as thread.

People who lived in the desert made homes from rock and mud called “adobe.” There main crop was corn, and they ate corn at every meal.

Mrs. Hadley came in and showed us how to use clay like the Native Americans did. We made bowls, skillets, vases, and baskets out of clay and water. After they dried for a couple of weeks,
we painted them.

We made Native American crafts. We were able to choose a craft to create. Some students chose totem poles, dolls, masks, and dream catchers. I had a lot of fun making my craft, and they all looked fantastic.
We also made Native American houses. They all were neat and different. All of the houses looked great. We displayed them at the front of the building so everyone could see and enjoy them. Some were bigger than others, but they were all unique.


***Principal's note:
This student's report reflects the wealth of knowledge our fifth graders acquired during their study of Native American Tribes. R. L. Young students are most fortunate to have such wonderful parent support made obvious in the photos of the various projects. These types of activities are the things students remember about school. I am proud that Young teachers like Mrs. Selena Nelson make learning fun and that parents support their efforts.

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amzing crafts.