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Friday, April 13, 2012

Armstrong's 2nd Graders GRAB that TROPHY

                        Although Mrs. Nelson's 6th graders worked diligently and received an impressive 95.1 % in AR comprehension for the week, it was not enough to keep the trophy for a 3rd week. Mrs. Armstrong's 2nd graders worked all week long and earned a 95.3 % for the week.

The school is especially proud of both groups, and really all AR participants. Our school average is 91.1% which is AMAZING!

Accelerated Reader Program has made a remarkable difference in our students' reading abilities because it allows them to practice the most important reading component...COMPREHENSION at a comfortable level!

Please encourage your child to get a book from the library in his/her reading range and take a test. The practice will benefit them in every subject.

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