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Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Few Changes at R. L. Young this YEAR!

(Warning- Long Post)
Many folks outside of the school arena don't really understand about teaching units earned at schools. The first day after Labor Day begins what we call the TWENTY DAY COUNT. This year it falls on September 8 through October 5. During this time the State takes a close look at the number of students each school has enrolled. This window of 20 days is a BIG DEAL! It determines the number of teachers you will earn for NEXT year.

Due to a smaller than usual number of students in the fifth grade, our school lost a teaching unit. Ms. Cook served so well by finishing up for retiring first grade teacher, Mrs. Joy Bittle.  I am happy that she will still be serving in the District as an asset to Houston Elementary. They are so lucky!

What does this mean for you? I have had to make the following changes:
Mrs. Roxanne Lamberth will be teaching first grade. Her students will be those on Ms.Cook's roll (posted on the doors). 

Mrs. Nelson will be a 6th grade homeroom teacher. She now has Mrs. Lamberth's roll.
Mrs. Harris will have the pleasure of 23 awesome 5th graders. 
The UGA (Upper Grade Academy is still firmly in place). Student will rotate to 3 classes, instead of the original 4. 
* the rolls have been fixed and posted for you to see. 
Without the help and cooperation of my SUPER staff, fixing this problem would not have been so easy. But there is nothing R. L. Young can't handle. And I love every staff member here! 

Some things to know:
Be sure to have your child present during the 20 day count 
Please don't plan a Labor Day Trip and miss during this time.

We have so much to offer and will happily serve every child to be best of our abilities. Happy School Year to all!  

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