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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Archery Program...a Hit at YOUNG!

I choose to bring the National Archery in the Schools Program to R.L. Young for several reasons:

1. To bring a new activity to the students that is fun and exciting.
2. To show students how archery teaches you discipline and as well as concentration.
3. To bring math into the P.E. program and show students how to properly score their shots.

I think this program gives students more options of things to do outside of school to help keep our children active. Because of the interest of the student body, many of our parents have inquired about the equipment that is being used in class and how it can be purchased. Our PTO was very generous in helping to supply the needed items not covered under the archery grant.

In February, 15 R. L. Young students will travel to an Archery competition. Students in 4th- 6th grade are working hard to be considered for a spot.

This is a great program and the students absolutely love it.
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