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Friday, January 2, 2009

Marley and Me

Many times it is hard to find a good "family" movie to take the kids to, but I recently found one that touched my heart, "Marley and Me." Good clean plot, scenes that pull at the heart strings, and a mile long moral to the story.

Please note that with any great movie, you are going to feel a range of emotion, especially with the ending. But this is life at its best. The message of this film is clear...we can learn a lot from animals and how they treat us.

My family and I have been most fortunate to have experience with the Marley types...
Haley and Buttercup (became a part of our family in 1992)
Luke and Chipper (6 years old)
Sure, animals are loads of trouble, expensive, and time consuming. But they teach us so much about how the world should be and what is most important.

Enjoy the show!

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