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Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Involvement for January

Research shows that students who have involved parents achieve more academically. At R. L. Young, we are proud and appreciative of the involvement of our parents. For example, in kindergarten the students are studying about the United States.

In order for students to grasp the concepts of "states," they were assigned an at-home project. The project consisted of each child creating a "Traveling Snowperson". Students were asked to select a favorite state and gather facts such as the state's flower, tree, or bird. They created a visual so that others could also learn about the particular state. Cute idea and fun for parent and child. I look back over my children's elementary years and it is these types of activities that bring back sweet memories. Maybe the tv did not get turned on, but we spent quality time together.
Enjoy a sampling of the Traveling Snowpeople and stop by to see the rest!

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