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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Complete Campus Security Solution-WOW!

R. L. Young is taking measures to ensure that all who enter our doors are logged into a computer located at the main building office. Guest teachers, volunteers, and faculty/staff check in every day. Student attendance is monitored and recorded when boys or girls check out or come in tardy. A report is printed and kept on file for future records and tracking purposes. The program was free through IDENT-A-KID company.
The new program has been well received by faculty, guests and parents. Many have stated that they feel better about the beefed up security measures. We work hard to keep all students safe each day.
A BIG thanks goes out to Donnie Gallahar (pictured with Chelsey B.) and Tommy Batchelor who built beautiful shelves on each side of the main building entrance. We love the new look and safety precautions!

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Anonymous said...

I would say our school is the safest one in Talladega. Thanks for going one more step for our kids.