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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Continuing our Attendance Efforts

This year our school has the same club and same emphasis with a BIG payoff...more student learning! R.L. Young faculty and staff believe that students who come to school on time and stay at school all day learn more. That is why we are continuing the popular TOP DOG CLUB again this year.

All students have the opportunity to be a TOP DOG when they complete a six weeks with NO TARDIES, CHECKOUTS, or ABSENCES. This is often a hard thing for students to accomplish, but the great thing about the TOP DOG CLUB is that each six weeks offers a new opportunity to join.
Students in the TOP DOG CLUB are recognized at each Honor Roll Assembly and a group picture is taken and posted on a special bulletin board in the main hall.

This year, at the end of each six weeks, two TOP DOG hats will be given away. All those who had perfect attendance will be eligible to win!

**Not only does good attendance increase student learning, the habits students have as children follow them into their adult years.

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