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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raymond L. Young DATA is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Our students certainly took on the challenge of being 212 degrees (BOILING HOT) during state testing this spring. With a substantial cushion above the state set goal, every grade level scored well into the 90's. 5th grade even had 100% proficiency in math. WOW!!!
Come by and browse our DATA BOARD covering all data for the 2008-2009 school year.
AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) is figured on 3 components: testing at least 95% of the student body, the academic proficiency of students in math and reading, and an attendance count for the 20 days that follow Labor Day each year.
R. L. Young was surprised to see that the state department recorded our attendance of the 20 day period as 94.36%. The school records indicate 96.29%. So why the big difference? A CODING ERROR in our operating system (STI) counted students that checked out after
11:30 pm. as absent.

Although, our high performing school would have liked to have seen "MADE AYP" on the report, we realize that this does not define the wonderful program we have at Young.
Every teacher and staff member gives their best each day and truly cares about the kids. I am so proud and appreciative of the job our folks do every day.
It is a good place to learn and grow.
Talladega City School District plans to appeal the AYP report for R. L. Young and will ask the state to give us credit for the over 100 checkouts that were incorrectly coded.
CONGRATULATIONS R.L. YOUNG teachers, staff, and students. You are AMAZING!

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Anonymous said...

We are VERY proud of what our students are learning at R. L. Young, and the data shows it. While Washington may use the term "ADEQUATE Yearly Progress" as a goal for schools, "adequate" does not begin to measure the quality of work our kids show. We are lucky to have what we have at R. L. Young.