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Friday, September 18, 2009


The breakfast program has made it possible for all students to have a good breakfast before going to class. When buses arrive each morning, students eating breakfast at school go directly to the lunchroom. NO STUDENT SHOULD ARRIVE BEFORE 7:10 AM. If a student does not ride a bus, he/she must be at school by 7:30 in order to eat and be in class before the tardy bell rings.

Prices are as follows:
Lunch $17.50 for 10 meals
Reduced Lunch $4 for 10 meals
Breakfast $7.50 for 10 meals
Reduced Breakfast $3.00 for 10 meals

Visitor’s Lunch $3.00
Extra Milk $0.25
Juice $0.25
Please keep extra milk and juice money separate from breakfast and lunch money. Please help us by paying for these separately.

A student may deposit money in his/her account any day by bringing cash or check to the lunchroom. Checks should be made payable to the school. The lunchroom is not allowed to charge meals. When a student’s account runs low, the student is given a reminder note to take home.

We welcome parents to come and have lunch with their children. It does help the lunchroom staff in knowing how much food to prepare if you call in advance. If you have questions concerning the breakfast or lunch program, or have a question regarding your child’s account, please feel free to call the lunchroom.

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