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Thursday, September 17, 2009


According to the district student handbook, there are 2 types of absences.

1. Excused absence–An absence is excused when the school receives a documented written doctor’s excuse, legal excuse, or prior permission of the principal. The school will also accept a written note from the parent which documents one of the following:
· Illness of the student.
· Death in the immediate family of the student.
· Inclement weather which would be dangerous to the life and health of the student as determined by the principal.
· Legal quarantine.

2. Unexcused absence – An absence is unexcused when the parent/legal guardian does not send a written note explaining the absence within three (3) days following the absence or when the nature of the absence is not for legitimate reasons as defined by Alabama law.
Make-up Work Information
Make-up Work – Excused Absences
If a student is absent for any excused reason as previously defined, the student shall be allowed to make up all major assignments and other work missed during said absence or absences at a time agreeable to the teacher(s). Teachers shall not be required to re-teach lessons, but students shall be given a reasonable opportunity to learn the lessons missed due to excused absences.

Make-up Work – Unexcused Absences
Teachers shall not provide make-up work or examinations for students absent for unexcused reasons. Teachers at their discretion may require students absent for unexcused reasons to make-up homework, class work, etc. on a non-credit basis in order to help such students maintain academic pace. Teachers shall not assign zeros to students absent for unexcused reasons on an automatic basis. Zeros may be assigned to such students only when other students in general receive grades for homework, class work, examinations, recitation, etc.

Attendance is a serious issue at R.L.Young...time spent with a good teacher cannot be replaced by completing make up work. Make attendance a priority!

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