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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In the spring of 2009, R. L. Young kicked off "Celebration 212 degrees". The students were "pumped" to do their best on the ARMT and SAT state testing.

This is exactly what happened at our school. See for yourself by checking here.

It is crucial for children to have closure on the testing process and understand its relativity. They need to understand why we do things and how it all relates to them. We wanted to show our students how all of their efforts (and their teacher's efforts) paid off.

Ms. Deese (School Counselor) and principal Pattie Thomas teamed up to deliver the news. Students were given their actual test results and through a PowerPoint presentation, were "walked through" their individual test outcomes.
Of course there was time to praise, reflect, and examine personal strengths and weaknesses in these small group settings. Students were free to ask questions or just share revelations about how they performed. Some students realized how close they were to scoring proficient (a 3 or 4) and others were amazed at their high scores. The children received "Wall of Success" sheets with their scores marked. Hopefully they used these sheets to explain the results to their parents. Each grade level that tested last spring received this up close and personal opportunity.

Thanks Ms. Deese for being available to help and getting test results organized for this activity.

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Dr. Frank Buck said...

So few principals take the time to help students really understand their test scores. The "Wall of Success" sounds like such a great way to help students see the bigger picture. I would love to have a copy of a black "Wall of Success" if you wouldn't mind sharing.