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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful Way to End the Year!

R. L. Young faculty and staff felt mighty special on Friday as we made our walk to Bemiston Baptist Church. We feel very blessed to receive this invitation every year. 
The tablescapes were beautiful and all of the food was delicious. 

This year, Mrs. Armstrong our school poet, created a very touching poem that captured how we all feel about our special neighbors...

Words of Heart-felt Thanks
Words cannot express the thanks
That is owed to each of you.
We will never be able 
To adequately say
"Thanks for all you do."

The prayers you've prayed for R. L. Young
Are felt inside each person's heart.
They empower and shield us
With God's loving care
As each school year we start.

The snacks are delicious and we think "nutritious"
And the supplies are appreciated --much!
The students and staff adore you;
And we just want to tell you:
We love you all so much!

Administration, Faculty & Staff
Raymond L. Young Elementary School 
May 25, 2012