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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inventor at R. L. Young

I have always bragged that I have the brightest, most talented faculty. Here is an example of why I feel so proud of my faculty:
(Quote from R. L. Young teacher)
In my 16 years of teaching experience, I have seen students struggle with the memorization of multiplication facts.  Math Bands are designed to help students of all levels learn in a fun way.  Applying the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (3.0A, #4-7), “Math Bands for Multiplication” help students understand the relationship between multiplication and division, apply properties to multiplication, as well as practice fluency in multiplication.   - Math Bands Inventor

This inventor's name is 4th grade teacher, Cari Wilson. Check out the website and video featuring one of our students demonstrating how to use this cool invention. 

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