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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Students Earn over 500 AR Points

What's the prize for accruing 500 Accelerated Reader Points? How about lunch at a restaurant with the homeroom teacher?

Yes, R. L. Young had not one, but two students earning over 500 points this year. 
Alayna Pody lead the way almost every week with the top points. She earned the title of TOP READER OF THE YEAR with a total of 520.9 points. She had lunch at Olive Garden in Oxford with her teacher Mrs. Nelson and Grandmother Linda Hodnett.

Jackson Boyd kept things hopping this year. He earned a total of 519.0 points and earned 2nd place on the Top 20 board. His uncle joined Mrs. French and Jackson for a wonderful meal at Red Lobster in Oxford. 

We are proud of both of these students. They are great leaders and helped motivate students all year long. As principal, I was very proud to dine with them and let them know how proud we are of all of their efforts!