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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Tragedy in Connecticut

As I heard the horrible news today, my thoughts automatically turned to our sweet little school, R. L. Young. I thought about how I had just made copies of the LOCKDOWN procedures for teachers this week. It brought chills down my spine. Although we practice this drill, the thought of anything happening to our precious children is unimaginable, yet it occurred in this sleepy town in our country today. 

My heart hurts for the parents who did not know if their child was ok or not. It is a parent's worse nightmare. So many innocent lives were tarnished or lost by a senseless act. And I cannot imagine what will be the next steps for this school and the people who work and attend there. 

I pondered over procedures we use every day to ensure safety at our school. Sometimes we get a few grumbles when folks have to sign in to enter the school. But I love that we have a computer system that lets us know who is in our building. I like that teachers and custodians check to see that everyone that walks through the halls has a sign in sticker on their clothing. 

I know the parents of our students are holding their little ones a bit tighter tonight and saying a prayer that they are safely tucked in their beds. We love them, too. May the Connecticut families find comfort and peace in the grueling days ahead, especially with the coming of the Christmas Season. 


Terri Baker said...

Several years ago, I used to be one of the ones grumbling when my son (now a teenager) was at R.L. Young. Today I would be GRATEFUL for any personal inconvenience that helps protect these precious students. I'm so proud that one of my classmates from the great THS class of 1980 is at the helm of this precious elementary school. You ROCK Pattie!

Pattie Thomas said...

Thanks, Terri. That means a lot. I do take safety very seriously. Even though Haley and Luke are grown, I feel like I have lots of little children to care for! Best part of the BEST job ever...