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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nothing Like Coming Home to R. L. Young!

American Education Week was a perfect time to invite retired employees of R. L. Young back to campus.

Guests: Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Ray

Mrs. Hobbs and Mrs. Calhoun

Mrs. Gaither and Mrs. Braswell

Mrs. Limbaugh

Lots of laughter and reminiscing was had from this sweet group of ladies. Thanks to everyone who was able to accept our invitation to lunch. Of course, you are always welcome to our campus. 
Thanks for leaving your own mark on R. L. Young!
**A special thanks to Mrs. Harris for preparing the room for our guests, our Lunchbunch for the delicious eats, and the AEW committee for a fun, busy week!

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Anonymous said...

we all look so HAPPY! That's what retirement is all about......