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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

R. L. Young's Book Club

Children have wonderful ideas to make learning fun. Starting a book club was the idea of two 5th graders, Haylee and Anna Belle.
We decided on one of my favorite read-aloud books, Stone Fox.

The story is a touching one and meant to be shared with others. The students took turns being the leader of the discussion. Ms. Lane, the school librarian made it fun by joining the group. The children got to see what a love for books she has. She created a cozy place for us to meet and the classroom teacher, Mrs. Harris allowed students to use computer time to gather.

What comes next? Well, this small group will branch out to create other book clubs through the next couple of months. we will always remember the book we shared, the happy and sad events of the characters, and how we felt as we read the pages. Lots of memories were made and I thoroughly enjoyed the weeks of sharing a great read!

Thanks, girls for bringing such a good idea to me and allowing me to be a part.

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