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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Does R. L. Young Reward the TOP SELLER...

Make her PRINCIPAL OF THE DAY!  Read below Alyssa Lee's rendition of a very busy day at R. L. Young:

Me Being Principal of the Day!
Today I was principal. It was fun! First I went to my classroom. Mrs. Lamberth said, "Right away when you get unpacked go to Mrs. Thomas' office". so I got unpacked and went to her office. I got ready and we said the pledge. Then I was on! I was so nervous. So I said the morning announcements and I got a lot of compliments. After that I stayed in Mrs. Thomas' office. I went to get my work from class. I worked on my work while Mrs. Thomas talked. I finished my work and we did some things for her like getting all of the Good Citizen certificates ready for the luncheon. We set up the Hardwork Cafe for the Good Citizens. I ate with the Good Citizens. K-3 was first and then it was 4-6.
After the luncheon I talked to a student about their behavior. Then we went to talk to Coach about something that happened yesterday. After that I made a surprize phonecall to my mom. I talked at the Talent Show before it started. I reminded students not to judge the contestants.
My day finished with the making of the afternoon announcements. Then I went home. And that's my day!

She did a wonderful job. A very wise young lady who didn't miss a beat with every task thrown her way! I am thinking she has "educator" in her future because she is such a natural! The school thanks Alyssa Lee L. for her efforts to help the school raise funds!

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