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Friday, May 24, 2013

Letter to all R. L. Young 2012-13 Ambassadors

Dear Madison, Kristen, Diamond, Kaley, Julie Anne, Shayla, Jessica, Tripp, Jaylin, Patrick, Marlee, Tommy, Victoria, and Gracie, 

     Thank you for the service you provided this year. You made our school so much better. We appreciate all of those days of running the school store, cleaning around the school, helping teachers, providing tours for new students, and just being an awesome group in which to work. 

     I loved your willingness to do anything, positive attitudes and sharp abilities to notice when something needed to be done. Your love of our school was apparent in the way you embraced what being an Ambassador means. I enjoyed getting to know each of you. Great ideas and great kids...that is what we had this year. You should be proud that you were able to handle your school work, behavior, after school activities, and serve in this leadership role, too.

     We're going to miss you! When you apply for college, be sure to include your year of service for R. L. Young. You will all go far in life. Come visit!


Pattie Thomas
Proud Principal of R. L. Young

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