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Friday, April 3, 2015

Trophy Competition Starts for 2nd Semester

Only 2 weeks to go....
Week 26: What is the secret, Mrs. Brooks? This is 4 weeks in a row! Congratulations...
Week 25: Mrs. Brooks and her super readers did it again!!
Week 24: Mrs. Brooks and her super readers held tight to the trophy and managed to keep it for another week with their 95.4 % comprehension average!
Week 23: Mrs. Brooks and her super first graders worked hard and took the trophy for the week with a 96% in comprehension. We are proud of all of our hard working students!
 Week 22: There is an upset at the schoolhouse! Mrs. Haynes and her awesome second grade readers took ownership of the AR Highest Comprehension Trophy. A 98.2% in comprehension is VERY IMPRESSIVE! EVERYONE keep reading.          
The AR program will end on April 16th, just 5 weeks away. 
Kudos to the boys for maintaining the Winners' Cup! (most boys on the Top 20 Board)
Week 21: YOU GUESSED IT...Mrs. Brooks is still holding the trophy and her students are loving the AR Program! 
Week 20: Mrs. Brooks' first graders are hanging on TIGHT! Congratulations on your 95% class comprehension level.
Week 19: Mrs. Brooks' first graders surprised everyone by taking the trophy to annex 1 and first grade. They are new to the AR program, starting after Christmas. Mrs. Brooks is a master at helping her students understand how AR works and the importance of reading the book and test questions carefully. Good job, First Grade!
Week 18: Mrs. French's awesome sixth graders grabbed the trophy from next door, Mrs. Lamberth's class. All of the UGA classes are working hard to maintain the trophy status!
The boys at R. L. Young still have ownership of the WINNERS' CUP!
Week 17: Mrs. Lamberth's students are on a roll! They managed to keep the trophy with a super
98. 7% average in comprehension. Everyone in the class did their part by testing.
The boys are also holding tight to the Winner's Cup! They had 12 boys listed on the Top 20 Board for the week.
 Week 16: Mrs. Lamberth's students snatched the trophy from next door, but it is cool that 6th grade still has it in their possession! Congratulations to Mrs. Lamberth's class, the sixth grade, and our UGA (Upper Grade Academy)!
The BOYS still have possession of the Winner's Cup! (Most boys on the Top 20 Board!)
Week 15: Mrs. French's Sixth Graders kick off the new semester by snagging the AR Highest Comprehension Average Trophy for last week.

The BOYS earned the WINNERS' Cup last week. "Let's go, girls!"

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