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Friday, October 15, 2010

Noccalula Falls.....more than a legend!

On Friday, October 15, 2010, our second grade students (48 kids) and most of their parents (51, to be exact!) and the 3 teachers boarded a big, yellow school bus and a ton of vehicles and spent the day at Noccalula Falls State Park in Gadsden, Alabama. The train rides, petting zoo, nature trails, and the "pet" deer made for a fun day in the Fall sun. I think second grade has found their signature field trip. It was awesome and I hope everyone had as much fun as Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Lamberth. Thanks to all the students who represented RL Young with more than "class" and the parents who were both helpful and wonderful. I can't wait till our next trip!

The statue of Princess Noccalula at the spot where
she jumped, thus the name of the park many moons

Who says teachers don't have fun? Whew... thank
goodness Mrs. Davidson was there to stop Mrs.
Lamberth from re-naming the park!

This is the deer that just showed up and roams
around the park freely, awaiting a friendly pet or
maybe a bit of food. She was so calm and friendly!

Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Davidson and Emily share
a photo spot!

Abby and Kayla make a friend. The deer would
come to you and were not afraid, as this picture
clearly shows.

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