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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

R. L. Young Students Participate in The Elementary Music Festival

Each fall, the Alabama Music Education Elementary Music Festival is held at the Wright Center on the campus of Samford University. Almost 300 students participate from over 30 schools across the state. The program consists of choral and instrumental pieces from a variety of cultures and styles. 
Students are chosen on the following criteria:
* Students should demonstrate a high level of interest and participation in the music program.
*Students must be able to sing on pitch and follow a conductor.
*Students must be willing to practice and memorize music before the festival.
*Students must exhibit self-discipline.
Representatives from R. L. Young Elementary included fifth graders Alayna P. and Mary W. under the leadership of Talladega City School District music teacher, Mrs. Linda Barrow. We are very proud to be represented in such a fine way with these two young ladies. A special thanks to their families for allowing them to participate, arranging transportation, and attending the production.
Alayna on the top row.

Mary is on the second row in the middle.
R. L. Young is very proud of both of you!


WEMimi said...

This is so good to see! Both my children were involved when they were in the 5th grade and it is so rewarding for all involved.

Dr. Frank Buck said...

One neat thing is that the festival director for this whole event was Dr. Sara Womack, who got her start in teaching right here as music teacher at R. L. Young and C. L. Salter. The faculty will remember her as Miss Sara Trotman.