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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scenes from 2012 Meet and Greet

August 16 was a busy time at R. L. Young. Teachers were bustling around getting ready for our annual MEET AND GREET. The custodial staff had worked through the summer and the first week back to ready buildings and grounds.
Y.E.S. (Young Elementary School) was ready for students and parents.

P.T. O officers were on hand to accept new members. It is NOT too late to join for just $5 per family. This can be sent by your child in an envelope. Please put your name and the child's name.

Our new lunchroom manager, Joyce Gurley and Angela Harvell, met with
parents and took lunch money.
 The UPPER GRADE ACADEMY which houses grades 5 and 6 went all out to welcome their new students. PEACE, LOVE, RESPECT, and UPPER GRADE!
Respect of self, others, and the environment, this is our school-wide focus.

Classrooms filled quickly with parents and students eager to meet the teacher and look around.
                              Some teachers used the Promethean Boards to share information.

R. L. Young places a huge emphasis on good attendance. This giant frog will be given away after the 20 Day count which begins on Sept. 4 and ends on October 1.
Matthew and Kaden are glad to be in the same class.
The Upper Grade Academy joined forces to deliver important information to all parents.
They serve all 5th and 6th graders.
                                              Friends reconnected after a long summer.

Thanks to all of the parents who were able to visit on Meet and Greet Night. This event helps teachers get to know parents, allows children a chance to feel more comfortable about a new school year, and unites the school as a whole.

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