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Monday, February 4, 2008

Grammy Loves Them All!

Mrs. Porter is helping Grammy with Mrs. Nabors'
class and their birdfeeder.

Grammy is proud to be in the photo with Mrs.
Lamberth's class.

Mrs. Liner's class is happy to pose with Grammy
outside their window.

Grammy is talking to Mrs. Lamberth's class
about the upkeep of the birdfeeder.

Grammy is showing them how to put the
birdfeeder together.

At the beginning of the year, especially in Kindergarten, you truly don't know what is in store for the year. The kids are new, the parents are new and you always hope for the best. This year, our entire Kindergarten class is blessed with a certain grandmother, Maxine Cole. Her grandson is in Mrs. Nabors' class but when she treats Mrs. Nabors' class, she treats Mrs. Lamberth's and Mrs. Liner's too! Each week, she reads a story to all three classes and the students receive a memento from that story. They call her Grammy and she is the epitome of the word. If Grammy is in the dictionary, the definition would probably be Maxine Cole. Her latest gift to the Kindergarten wing is a new birdfeeder, installed outside each class' window, complete with birdseed to last the remainder of the year. She put them outside the windows so the children can enjoy the birds that enjoy the birdseed. She demonstrated to each class how to care for their birdfeeder and how full the seed trough should be. She also gave the classes a reference book about birds so they can look up the names of the birds that visit the birdfeeders. How thoughtful! Thank you, Grammy, for the kindness you have shown to our kindergarteners and our school. We will all enjoy watching the birds enjoy your kindness.

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