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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank YOU Mr. Douthitt

There is a book by Patricia Polacco titled "Mr. Lincoln's Way." It is a story about a black principal of an elementary school who looks for the good in others when they can't find it in themselves. If you know Mr. Douthitt at all, you know this is also how he operates as an administrator. Mr. Douthitt has graciously agreed to read this book to our second grade students at R. L. Young Elem. for two years to help us celebrate African-American History Month. Thank you, Mr. Douthitt, for helping us help our students. The pictures below show Mr. Douthitt as he reads the book and stops along the way to answer the many questions and listen to the many comments from the students.

Again, thank you Mr. Douthitt. They are all already excited about being one of your students at Talladega High School a few years from now. One of the second grade students has a grandmother that subs here at our school. She was the substitute yesterday for one of the teachers and she was so moved by Mr. Douthitt's delivery of the story that she suggested he read it to everybody in the system. "Mr. Lincoln's Way" is a wonderful story with a wonderful message. Thank you, Mr. Douthitt, for living that message and being the example our youth needs.

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