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Saturday, February 9, 2008

INSIDE OUT...A Must-See Documentary

Watch InsideOut as it makes its broadcast debut on Sunday, February 10th at 8 PM on Alabama Public Television. InsideOut is an emotionally powerful documentary that highlights one man’s journey to reduce the drop out rate in America.

Through the eyes and encouragement of Dr. Shelley Stewart, President of the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, prison inmates deliver a powerful message about the consequences of not having an education and the tragic toll it takes on their families and community. Dr. Stewart compassionately interviews the inmates and unveils their genuine hope to give others the chance they no longer have, to avoid the pitfalls of dropping out of school.

All of the prisoners interviewed are serving long or life sentences in a maximum-security prison. InsideOut has become a popular tool for educators in middle and high schools throughout the Southeastern United States. This documentary stresses the importance of staying in school and receiving an education.

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