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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Young Goes to Writing Boot Camp!

Raymond L. Young recently participated in a weeklong Writing Boot Camp. Several objectives were met, along with a bit of fun for everyone.

  • Fifth graders received support from the whole student body as a special emphasis was placed on writing.

  • Students had an opportunity to create and display some of their best work.

  • Young students were able to wear camouflage (Don't hide your writing skills) and hats (hats off to good writing) to celebrate that writing is fun.

  • Teachers were able to share their own writing skills in a faculty and staff display of Things We Love About R. L. Young! (Main building in hallway)

  • Our school is filled with wonderful student writing!

Enjoy these snapshots of our writing-filled week.

Even Mrs. Hodnett participated in Dressy Camo!

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