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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ambassadors Survey the Faculty

Students are often curious about their teachers, so the 6th grade Ambassadors decided to survey the faculty on various questions. Here are the results of question one...

What is your favorite color?
Mrs. Liner-Purple
Mrs. Lamberth-Purple or Red
Mrs. Nabors-Purple
Mrs. Brooks-Red & Blue
Mrs. Bittle-Pink
Mrs. Armstrong-Red
Mrs. Vincent-Green
Mrs. Davidson-Orange & Blue
Mrs. Haynes-Pink
Mrs. Thorton-Blue
Mrs. Harris-Black
Mrs. Wilson-Red
Mrs. Nelson-Hot Pink
Mrs. G. Thomas-Green
Mrs. Shirley-Blue
Mrs. French-Pink
Coach Stevens-Blue
Mrs. Deese-Green
Mrs. Lane-Pink & Green
Mrs. P. Thomas-Blue
Mrs. Nunn-Red

Thanks to Ambassadors Alyssa K. and Janie S. for writing up this post!

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