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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Faculty Question of the Week

What is your favorite snack?
Mrs. Liner----- Chips & Salsa
Mrs. Nabors---- Pickles & Cheese
Mrs. Lamberth-- Reese Cups
Mrs. Brooks---- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mrs. Bittle---- Chips & Salsa
Mrs. Vincent--- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mrs. Davidson-- Lime Tortilla Chips
Mrs. Haynes---- Ice Cream
Mrs. Thornton-- Anything Chocolate
Mrs. Harris---- Anything Chocolate
Mrs. Wilson---- Ice Cream
Mrs. Nelson---- Reese Cup
Mrs. G.Thomas-- Cashews
Mrs. Shirley--- Chips & Salsa
Mrs. French---- Reese Cup
Coach Stevens-- Reese Cup
Mrs. Deese----- York Peppermint Pattie
Mrs. Nunn------ M & M
Mrs. Lane ----- Lays Potato Chips
Mrs. Armstrong- Fresh Fruit
Mrs. P. Thomas- Candy Corn

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