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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Road to Success

Adults can learn a lot from children today. Below is an essay written by 4th grader, Malik W. It was not an assignment, just something he felt led to write and share. Wonderful work! The Road to Success
by Malik W.

Make a right onto “Studying Blvd” keep straight and go through the green light which is knowledge. From there you must turn onto the bridge of mathematics which may seem hard. When you get off the bridge, make a right turn and keep straight. You are now on the highway of learning. Keep going for three miles. Then exit off onto “Hope Lane”. Keep straight and then make another right onto “Prayer Lane’’. As you go on your way Yield, not to the traffic on”Procrastination Blvd”. Also, avoid “Lying Lane” because it is a dead end. Pass up “Disappointing Lane” and “Copying Avenue”. Also pass “Bully Street”, “Fighting Lane” and “Gossiping Blvd”. But you have to go down “Hard Work Avenue”, “Grace Lane” and obstacles that will only take a little studying. But that’s all right “Success Street” is straight ahead.
Anyone can have success just have faith and trust in yourself.

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Beck Beck said...

I taught this young man in second grade...I am so proud of him!