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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Made Special by R. L. Young's Fifth Graders

Mrs. Nelson has had the 5th grade students extremely busy lately.  They have been busy writing Mother's Day essays and painting beautiful artwork to make their moms feel special on her day.  When asked what makes your mom special, she received many different responses.  Read on...

My mother is super, marvelous, amazing, terrific, and wonderful! 

My mom is always there for me no matter what. She goes the extra mile.  She always turns mom upside down
and makes it say WOW!

My mom is my role model.  She gives me great advice.  She is the best person ever.

My mom is awesome.  She is always by my side.  If I'm sad, she makes me happy.

My mother is my night and shining armor.

My mom is a gift from God.  She puts courage in me by telling me to hold my head up,  to be strong, and never give up.

My mom comforts me when I am down.  I learn everything I need to know from the best  mom.

My mother is my rock.  Whenever I'm down my mom picks me up and comforts me.   She is my best friend.

My mom is a wonderful person.  She keeps my body running.  When she's down, I'm down.

My mom sacrifices a lot.  She is a great mom! She is the best mom ever!

My mom is my friend.  She is awesome because she plays sports with me.  She always watches out for me.

My mom is very smart.  She's my own personal computer.  My mom is pretty awesome.  She is so cool and always up to date on 5th grade DRAMA.  I know I'm lucky.

My momma is a secret keeper.  She is one of the only people I can trust in the world. When I'm mixed up and don't know what to do, she gives me great advice.

My grandmother is very intelligent.  She is always in a good mood. 

To me, it's like moms make the world go round.  My mom is the MVP in my life.  Moms have a way of knowing if your down or sad.  If I get in trouble, she is by my side.   
My nana is nice and she loves me.  She is special.

She is the most understanding person I know.

She's always putting her children before herself.  My mom brings me up when I feel down. 

My mom is the rocker of my life because she is helpful.  She's also very beautiful.

My mom is like the ocean wind.  My mom goes with the flow.  She's as graceful as a rising sun.

My momma is always with me no matter what I do.  She does everything she can to  direct me in the right direction.  I love and appreciate her. My momma makes me feel happy and warm inside.

My aunt keeps me out of harm's way.  She is really out of this world because she always cares for me.

My mother sacrifices stuff so I can get what I want.  I'm glad she is my mom.

The way my mom loves me is the coolest thing to me.  She's a diamond to my heart.  I love my mom and she loves me back.

When something is messed up, she finds a creative way to fix it.  She is the perfect  mom.

My mom is the best mom in the word.  She goes and watches my games.  She cheers for  me even when I strike out or miss the ball. 

My mom is the God of all moms.  She is the best you could ever have.

My mom is very helpful.  She also provides for me, bust most importantly, she cares  about me.

My mom is loving, caring, my provider, my shield, hard working, funny, fun to be around, and special in her own odd way. My mom is my #1 fan on or off the field.

My mom tries her best at everything.  She is the world's best back scratcher.  She also has good, caring character.  She puts others first. She hugs and kisses me.

My mother helps me without me asking. She's the only one I need, trust, and depend on.

My mom is good to me.  She always takes care of me.  She means a lot to me.

Check out this beautiful artwork! 

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Beck Beck said...

These are gorgeous...just like the heart of this teacher!